Sonic Services is a designer and manufacturer of pipe organ control systems.

Our primary service is the supply of organ control equipment. Apart from a few 'off-the-shelf' items, the equipment we supply is customised to match a customer's requirement. This customisation affects the number of each type of printed circuit card and software. A customer has the choice of purchasing the printed circuit cards alone or of buying a system supplied on one or more birch panels, which have the particular system's own inter-wiring already fitted.

We also offer a full installation service. This can include the supply of loomed cables. Additionally, where existing cables are in sufficiently good condition, we can re-form them on site at the 'equipment end'.

We occasionally repair general electrical faults in organs, including mechanical relay and diode logic system faults.

Our price competitive ranges of printed circuit cards perform the following tasks (visit the Technical page for more details):

  • Piston capture
  • Coupling / extension
  • Coaxial connection between console and organ
  • MIDI

All Sonic Services equipment has a 10-year guarantee.


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