Brief History of the Business

Sonic Services was started in the early 1990s by John Ramsbottom.

John has been a organist for nearly 40 years. He worked as an engineer for the BBC for much of the 1980s and was involved with much electronic broadcast equipment in both maintenance and some design work. He was involved with assessing audio quality and studio design. He then worked in other industries with control equipment for both industrial purposes and for pipe organs.

Subsequently, John created Sonic Services as an audio-visual supplier and installer that also manufactured organ control equipment on a very small scale. Over a period of time the organ control system work increased so John took the decision to concentrate on the organ control side of the business while also occasionally providing customised electronic equipment to other industries. The firm also now carries out installation work although most orders are just for the supply of systems.

A couple of extra people sometimes work for the business and another firm carries out some of the manufacturing to our (and their) high standards.


John Ramsbottom playing the organ at Beckbury, Shropshire

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